Hello, we are Canarius

We solve business problems by providing simple and elegant web solutions.

And we do some things differently than others.

Keeping things flexible

We are a small company, we set our own working hours and we work remotely. That allows us to maintain a healthy balance between work and life, which influences our business decisions and keeps our creative side stimulated for the benefit of our clients.

Keeping our company small also allows us to choose projects we want to work on, and not those that we have to work on.

No middleman required

We don't have sales people who answer the phone for us. The whole company is formed of web specialists - the people who are directly responsible for your project. So when you talk with us, you already are talking with the right person. This helps to save time both ways.

Latest is not always the greatest

We believe that cutting edge technology and current trends have no direct correlation with good user experience. With that being said, those things won't keep your website visitors around either.

Rather than focusing on those aspects, we dedicate our attention to the core thing your website should do, and that's what your visitors want after all.

Things we've done

We've been working with many great people. Here are a few of them.

Get in touch

You've learned about us - now it's our turn to learn about you. We always have time for awesome clients.